The Greatest Showman singer Loren Allred gets Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer

Allred proceeded to treat everyone to a live version of 'Never Enough', bringing the whole studio to their feet before Amanda slammed down her Golden Buzzer button.

Once the downpour of glorious confetti finished, Amanda told her: "I am absolutely shaking. 

I can't believe I've had this incredible opportunity to give you your moment to shine, because this is it."

"This is so well deserved, because seeing somebody else sing that song in that movie and not have the recognition of doing one of the most incredible vocals ever,

"Timing in life is everything and maybe this is your moment. Congratulations."

Over on Twitter, this sentiment was largely echoed by the adoring viewers, as one person reacted: 

"Wonderful voice, so pleased Loren will now get the credit she deserves for providing her fabulous voice for the movie.

"Well done Amanda with the golden buzzer.